Al Saudia Mineral Water Supply With Rich Minerals

Al Saudia Mineral Water Supply LLC was started in the year 1998. Staying true to our humble beginnings we were initially based out of a small shop in Nuaimiya area in the emirate of Ajman.
In 2008, we moved to a newer and much larger location in New Industrial Area in Ajman, enabling us to reach out and serve our customers while also working on improving quality and excellence in service.

Source of water - Dubal EGA, Jebel Ali
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    Maximum Purity

    Due to the importance of water in our life we give pure water to our customers.

    5 Steps Filtration

    Water has different types of impurities. A 5 step filtration process removes all the impurities present in water.

    Chlorine Free

    We serve our water chlorine free as chlorine causes serious damage to our health.

    Quality Certified

    Our water quality is certified across several countries (BD,USA,UK,UAE) thereby validating the purity of our water.

    Al Saudia Mineral Water Supply
    Chemicals Composition



    0.15 mg/L

    Potassium is required to regulate fluid balance in the body.



    <0.025 mg/L

    Fluoride is required to maintain healthy teeth.



    <0.02 mg/L

    To purify water, < 0.02 mg chlorine present in every litre of water



    8.5 mg/L

    Magnesium is an important mineral required to stay healthy.



    <5 mg/L

    The human body needs sodium to regulate blood pressure.


    0.06 mg/L


    15 mg/L


    120 mg/L



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    Produce Top Level Purified Bottled Water

    Purified water level depends on impurities of the water. We produce 99.99% purity of the water…

    How Water Useful For Our Body & Life

    To regulate temperature and maintain other functions of our body our cells, organs and tissues need water.